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WELCOME! (RAW goes online! 414 photos posted. )

For years, I worked as an editor of several very large commercialXXX websites. (Any commercial advertisements on this site link to my employers or very close friends). It is a great experience...but, I knew that I want to be the one taking the photographs. Why not? So, I have purchased a camera, some lights and began looking for models!

The models that interest me are "real" women of all kinds. Real beauty, not artificial.I hope you feel the same way. If so, you may enjoy my ever expanding collection of photos.Presented here will be every photo session I shoot! You will see them before ANYONE else.

The first update! 182 photos posted.

As you can see...I will be featuring a wide variety of R.A.W. talent.Hope you enjoy REAL women as much as I do. All these photos were a real pleasure to shoot...nice to meet such fun gals!

Those of you that like the mature, natural types...check out Maggie. Fifty-One years old and totally unshaven.Now, if that is not your thing...there is a set of Jamie (with blonde hair this time) going wildwith watermelon. Even wilder? Well, Shila really goes wild...with a beer bottle! Actually it is non-alcoholic beer, she is a muslim, after all.

I love this job! 189 photos posted.

Some pretty interesting photos on this update!

Shila returns with some more of her wild insertions...first time I ever got horny while shopping for vegetables. The girl at the check-out counter must have wondered what I was up to. All I bought were phallic shaped of each!

Shila also does some bodypainting. Looks really fine, too. Man, that girl is a lot of fun.

Posted some shots (from my old camera, lower quality sorry) of Jamie covered in hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Looks good and she loved it. Could hardly gether to stop licking it off herself.

Finally, I would like to let you know that you can email me and suggest photo ideas.I am up for the challenge! Weird, Wild or Wonderful...just give me your ideas! Better yet,contact me if you want to be the first to be posted in my planned "Member's Contributions" area. Got any sexy photos you want the world to see?

Member Requests! 184 photos posted.

I am going to continue uploading my backlog of photos. You can also look forward to some fresh faces.There are new models on the horizon! I am talking to a couple of tattoo artists...would like to put an ad on their wall. Also running an advert looking for couples who want to pose.

Anyone want to pose? :)

Granny and Shrinkwrap sets! 172 photos posted.

Some of you LOVE the older models! Some of you just don't understand that attitude!No problem, just skip the models you don't like. For those that like the mature, hairy, comes Maggie, again!

Seems like I am not the only one who likes the shrink wrapped women. So, here comes Shila wrapped and ready!

Bondage, Elders and Teen! 211 photos posted.

More for those of you who love the older women! Justine shows off in a bondage series. UNBELIEVABLE. Also, more of Maggie...she shows how she keeps that body looking so soft and tasty.

For those who want more of the young stuff...Jamie has a new hairstyle!Very vampish series, I hope you like it.

Yes...I have got videos ready to post also.

NEW MODEL! Gorgeous Asian! Jamie outdoors! Shila orgasm! 193 photos posted.

Things are going quite well! A new model, Eve...has inspired me to post this update. Just had to get the photos up, ASAP.

NEW MODEL! First Time Teen! Jamie in boots! Smoking Granny! 177 photos posted.

I have another cute young model to introduce... the sweet, young Mystique! That's her real name, too. (Hippy Parents)

My favorite grandmother returns...and she is smoking! Literally.

Plus, Jamie is back as a blonde!

Sexy At Sixty! Also, more of Mystique and Shila! 189 photos posted.

Justine returns! She told me that she was waiting for me to get my new camera. Fair enough...I needed one anyways. You will love the new photos. At least, I loved taking them!

So many of you wrote about Mystique (and her pretty little pussy) that I posted a second set of photos for you.

Finally, Shila returns...actually, this is an old series. But, it is a good one. Hope you like her in Pink.

NEW MODEL! Tattooed and Pierced! Plus, Jamie and Shila! 203 photos posted.

First, I want to thank everyone for the comments and emails. I pass them along to all these wonderful women and they are appreciated. We all enjoy this whole adventure and are glad you do, too.

This update includes a new friend, ARA! If you want, you can call her Arachnia Girl...if she is in a super-hero mood she may demand it. Actually, that just gave me an idea for a photo-shoot!

Jamie returns with a foxy new GOTH look. You gotta love the variety of looks she presents!

Finally, Shila returns in a sexy maid outfit. That was a special request and she was happy to fulfill it. Thanks for the idea, SANDMAN!

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